Here is the low-down:
Blocks will be handed out throughout the year. That person owns the block for the
month. The monthly owner may add to the block in any manner they choose using their
color way of choice. Fabrics comes from your own stash. This is your time to try
something new or copy what someone else did. Dive deep into your stash - you may
not remember all that is there!

Blocks are to be brought back to the following guild meeting (even if you did not get a
chance to work on it). The blocks will be displayed - if you like it, you just might become
the block's new owner of the month!

Monthly block owners will get recorded for historical purposes. Everyone who has
worked on a particular block will be eligible for the drawing. We will raffle the blocks /
quilt tops periodically. Once you have won, you will no longer be eligible for the drawing
in order to give others a chance.

Size of each block / quilt top will vary.

There is no start/stop date to the program.

The only thing you cannot do is cover over, remove, or embellish what someone else
has previously done to the block.

P.S. Block donations to the round robin will be accepted.

January: 12 blocks were handed out.
Round Robin
Board Members - Lou Ann Holden & Debbie Vevante